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Dock solutions Faqs

Dock Solutions Emergency Service & Repair – How it works
If the worst happens and your loading bay equipment breaks down or starts to fail, Call Dock Solutions on 0800 06 999 08 straight away.  If a purchase order number can be authorised by you, we will supply a written quote direct to you via email or fax within the hour.  So our engineers could be on-site with you getting you back up and running before you know it!

What if my loading bay equipment breaks down out of hours?
Unlike other suppliers, we offer a unique SOS service and our phones are answered by people not answering machines 24/7.  This means that you will speak to someone who may be able to solve the issue over the phone or arrange a call out ASAP to your premises by our service engineers.

Do I need a service contract with Dock Solutions to benefit from this SOS service?
ABSOLUTLY NOT! Dock Solutions has built an exceptional reputation based on our service to new and existing customers. We have been called in when other companies service levels drop and we are always striving to better our service by listening to our customers needs.

“To find out more on our installation, servicing and repair products please call us FREE on 0800 06 999 08”

I need a fast action door for my warehouse in the UK?
If you need a fast action door Dock Solutions are a nationwide supplier of fast action doors. We have dedicated engineers and electricians that cover mainland UK with the majority being covered by our fast 24hr call out service!

How expensive is a dock leveller?
One cost you cannot scrimp on in your business operation is your ability to distribute your products in and out of your premises. Any downtime on your loading bay could cost you more money than you would ever save by buying cheap, poorly made levellers that have not had the correct stress and weight testing.

What is a dock leveller?
We produce several leveller options that would fit any condition of work. Dock leveller, telescopic lip, swing lip are all names of different levellers but for the perfect dock leveller for your business simply call us.

Where can I buy a scissor lift in the UK?
Buying a scissor lift in the UK is a straight forward process when you use Dock Solutions.  Our experienced team will be able to answer all your questions such as any access or height restrictions, size needed and right down to any colour preference!

What is an industrial door?
An industrial door is a vital entry point into your business for MHE or pedestrian access. 

Where can I buy fast action doors?
We offer several types of fast action door.  These can also be referred to as high speed doors.  This type of door is commonly used for access for MHE (manual handling equipment) such as forklift trucks, pallet trucks etc. where staff do not need to operate it.  The fast action door will automatically lift and fall by sensor operation, making this door very flexible and time saving in fast moving operations.

Check back soon for more answers to your questions.