Loading and unloading, life on the edge!

It’s been great for our Dock Solutions team to have been involved from start to finish on this loading bay project for our new client. 

Our clients warehouse was not equipped with loading bay equipment on 2 of their unused bays, however due to the change in their distribution demands our client needed to increase their loading bay capacity.

Following a site survey with one of our project managers it was noted that both time and space were an issue for our client, which meant that lift and tilt edge of docks loading bays were the perfect solution; no messy pit digging out was involved giving a quick installation.

Our experienced team supported them through the initial design process, right through to the installation of our UK manufactured loading bay equipment.

As you can see 2 loading bays have been installed by our Dock Solutions specialist engineers at our client’s warehouse in the south of the UK.

This project consisted of:

  • Lift and tilt edge of docks
  • Retractable dock shelters
  • Insulated roller shutter doors

"Get exactly what you need"