Stay Safe with Castell Salvo System

A loading bay is the busiest part of any warehouse and fast safe access to the bays is a must for any operation.

Accidental lorry departure is one of the most dangerous, serious and costly mishaps that can happen on a loading bay, the OSHA has previously reported that about 4800 loading bay accidents annually are due to a forklift truck running off the loading bay.

A Castell Salvo Safety System is a unique loading bay safety system that locks the vehicle’s brake system with the dock door, this ensures that the trailer cannot depart until loading or unloading has completely finished with the dock door fully closed and vehicle released.  By installing this type of safety system, you are removing the possibility of human error and preventing potential accidents before it happens!

How does a Castell Salvo Safety system work?

  1. The vehicle arrives, and the lock is applied to the trailer brake line
  2. The heavy-duty key can only be removed from the lock one it is fully locked on the trailer
  3. The uniquely coded key is used to unlock its assigned dock door
  4. While the dock door is open the key is trapped and cannot be removed
  5. Only once the loading/unloading is complete and the door is locked closed will the key be released
  6. The released key is then taken to unlock the trailer brake line
  7. The driver can safely depart

Why use this type of system?

    • Enforces OSHA/FMCSA regulations
    • Dock personnel have total control of their environment
    • Self-enforcing – no paperwork requirements
    • Solutions for all door types, no doors or tanker loading systems
    • Solutions for all vehicle types
    • Minimal installation and maintenance
    • Added security – physically locks dock doors
    • Provides a barrier of fall prevention
    • Customisable to fit any dock procedure
    • Heavy duty

Remember – Safety is not an option it’s a necessity!

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