Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers From Dock Solutions

Coming in a range of shapes and sizes we can supply replacements to your current bumpers or provide you with an alternative that will protect your loading bay from excessive wear and tear.

Loading Bay Protection by Dock Bumpers tend to be fixed straight to the wall but with use, your wall can become damaged and cause you more problems than just replacing Dock Bumpers. To reduce this damage we do a range of backing plates that the bumpers fix directly onto and this ensures a decrease in damage to your building.

To accommodate the wide range of different vehicles that now travelling the roads of the UK we also do a sliding backing plate that moves with travel of the lorry as it is loaded and allows the Bumper to used for the full extent of its life rather than being ripped from the wall by vehicles as height is adjusted either by suspension or loading weights.

Important note: All dimensions are in millimetres unless stated otherwise.