Levellers & Lifts

Levellers & Lifts From Dock Solutions

Dock Levellers are devices used to bridge the gap between the dock and the trailer during loading and unloading. Many trailers come in with bed heights either above or below the height of the dock. Dock Levellers move up or down to meet the trailer bed so that you can make a smooth, safe transition into and out of the trailer

Dock Solutions can manufacture the exact Dock Leveller that you require. Being a UK manufacturer you can get quick turnaround on products to meet your exact needs. Bespoke sizes are no problem because they are hand manufactured to suit your demands. Dock Levellers are manufactured to comply with all the current legislation and are manufactured to meet the wide variety of customer needs.

Install, Service and Repair of Dock Levellers – Safety First.
Whether it be a full installation or service and repair on any Dock Leveller, Scissor Lift, Bridge Plate, Bay lift or Mezzanine Floor Lift our experienced and friendly team are waiting for your call. We Guarantee that we put the customer requirements first, no hard sell. Our install and servicing contracts carry full risk and method statements for each individual job, below are just some of the points we make sure are covered:

1 – General site safety
2 – Manual handling, cuts, grazes from sharp edges
3 – Noise (work related)
4 – Eye injuries, airborne fragments and particles
5 – Misuse of plant and equipment
6 – Working at height – Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

How long will it take to install a Dock Leveller?
That depends on which Dock Leveller you require. Each Dock Leveller will bring it’s own strengths to the workplace. A Swing lip or telescopic lip leveller extends the range of the dock face. A Scissor Lift, Goods Scissor Lift, Bay Lift or Mezzanine Lift will add the ability to reach to second floors and conserve valuable operational floor space.
Whichever Dock Leveller is right for you we can supply, install and maintain it. If your not sure which you require, fill in the form below to request more information on Dock Levellers.