Electro-Hydraulic Mini Dock

Whether you are looking for Bridge Plates or Dock levellers, Dock Solutions have an answer to your needs.

The Hydraulic Mini Dock or Mini Dock Ramp with Hinge Lip is an easier and faster solution for loading goods in and out than a manual dock leveller mini ramp. It also carries a maximum capacity of 6000kg.

Why use a Hydraulic Dock Ramp?
Far less bulky than a traditional dock leveller, the installation costs can be cheaper also. If space on your loading bay is an issue and manual operated mini ramps cannot be used, then this could solve your loading bay problem.



H+/- difference in height calculated according to UNI EN 1398 standard for 12,5% gradient allowed for forklifts

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Product Description

Electrohydraulic miniramp or dock ramp with hinged lip

-surrounding galvanized steel boxframe (optional for INOX)
-6000 kg capacity aluminum plate with anti-slip cross-ribbing
-Hinged lip in one piece 370 mm long with extruded joint
between lip and plate.
-TAM3F standard rubber bumpers (see optional <a title=”Dock Bumpers” href=”http://docksolutions.co.uk/product-list/dock-bumpers”>dock bumpers</a>)
-Perfectly fiitting with H.A.A.C.P. rules
-CE certificated model
-Double effect lip control oil piston
-Single effect plate lifting oil piston with parachute valve
-Hydraulic control unit activated by three-phase engine
– Power panel according to CEI 20/22/2 (IP55) with 7 mt long connection cable