Dock Solutions Load House
Load houses complete with Dock leveller and DS Dock ShelterLoad Houses from Dock SolutionsA Dock Solutions Load House viewed internallyDS4000 Inflatable dock Shelter  designed on the front of a load house
Load Houses

“Creating a working environment where there was none”

In the current climate we have found that our load house solutions are proving popular as they can be added to the main building once occupancy has been taken.  This can save the main building contractor installing at great expense loading bays that may not be used or are unsuitable for a potential tenant.

Get Exactly What You Need

Installing a Dock Solutions load house ensures that your exact requirements can be achieved by having bespoke manufactured loading bays to suite your operational needs plus we also manufacture and supply all associated products you may require.
We can also offer full Service and Maintenance including repairs on this model.

  • DS Dock Shelters
  • Dock levellers
  • 24v Multi-Directional Loading Lights
  • Programmable to your requirements
  • Integrated Traffic Control System
  • Cost effective extension to your building



The widest range of competitively priced loading bay equipment & industrial doors are available to you. Being the UK manufacturer we are able to offer a product designed and delivered to your exact requirements.

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Product Description

Further Advantages for the Load House

Being outside the main building the Load Houses do not take up valuable internal storage space that inbuilt dock levellers will.  Along with this in most cases the Load House will not require heating or chilling to the same temperature as inside the main building and being sealed by the existing access door heat or chill loss is kept to a minimum.

Dock Solutions Load houses can of course be disassembled and relocated if required meaning that your investment can go with you should you move.   They also protect your main building from vehicle impact damage which can prove to be extremely expensive.

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