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Manual Mini Dock
Less bulky than a traditional dock leveller, The manual Mini Dock has a much shorter profile and cheaper installation costs.  Positioning is done through a rigid steel removeable side handle.

  • Surrounding profile with galvanised steel sides, back and lip-base (optional for INOX)
  • Optional cost effective Painted Steel version available (Most RAL colours)
  • 6000 kg capacity aluminum plate with anti-slip cross-ribbing
  • Hinged lip in one piece 370 mm long with extruded joint between lip and plate.
  • Various Dock Bumper sizes available
  • Perfectly fitting with H.A.A.C.P. rules, CE certificated model
  • Lifting and positioning assistance is by a gas spring
  • Requires no pit for installation

Manual mini dock production sizes

The widest range of competitively priced dock levellers are available to you. Being the UK manufacturer we are able to offer a product designed and delivered to your exact requirements.

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Product Description

DS1080B-MAN model has a SEMI-AUTOMATIC mechanism that lifts the leveller and lip. The plate is lifted through a rigid side-handle whilst lip is lifted manually.

H+/- difference in height calculated according to UNI EN 1398 standard for 12,5% gradient allowed for forklifts

Manual Miniramp Brochure