Why Using A UK Manufacturer For Your Dock Levellers Makes Sense

Dock Levellers for any transportation or distribution company are often a crucial link between the goods getting onto the trailer from the warehouse and vice versa. A well made dock leveller is often customised to your exact needs, with dimensions and sizes a massive element of the leveller working correctly.

When companies outsource the manufacturing of dock levellers to companies overseas, they often run into problems during the ordering process and then the final delivery state, mainly because the requirements can sometimes be misunderstood.

Below, we look at some of the reasons why it can make sense to use a UK manufacturer when it comes to buying a dock leveller for your business.

Economical – There is often a common misconception that when you have things made abroad you end up saving a lot of money, but when you weigh up the cost of delivery, having someone else to install it and then the possibility of mistakes and mechanical errors, this can often be a false economy.

Environmental – If you have something made in another country, you then have to get the product shipped to you and as Dock Levellers are a big piece of kit, this normally has to be done by a ship. You then have to factor the environment (and financial) cost of this, because container ships and transport ships do harm the environment with emissions, so it is vital to think about this when placing your order.

Trust – Because your dock leveller is one of the largest investments you will make for your factory, you ideally want to work with someone that you can go and see and also to view previous examples of their work. The trouble with working with a company overseas can mean that you have no knowledge of how good these manufacturers are and also the reliability of their products and you won’t know until it’s too late.

Reliability – If a dock leveller breaks down, it can leave your warehouse with major issues, because if your lorries and trailers cannot unload, you will end up losing immediate money and probably long term business. If you use a UK manufacturer you can often be assured that they will also be able to service the dock leveller for you which will keep it in top working order.

Knowledge – The knowledge of a UK company can often be crucial to make sure that you get the right product for your factory, because buying a dock leveller is not like buying a standalone product, they are made to meet your requirements so therefore the knowledge of your business and your needs is crucial to making sure that you get the right size, dimensions and structure for your leveller.


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