Levellers & Lift Installation

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Dock Solutions can offer you a range of installation solutions to bridging the gap between the loading bay edge and the docked vehicle to offer you an efficient, smooth and safe transfer of goods during the loading and unloading process, ensuring both employees and stock are protected from damage and injury, keeping downtime to a minimum. 

Every warehouse need is different, so what suits one won’t suit another, whether you're looking for a manual or automatic solution, Dock Solutions has the one for you and can install it!

Where space is an issue, or you need a solution to your loading bay that doesn’t require digging out a pit for the installation of a Dock Leveller, or Scissor Lift then a Bridging plate, Lift and Tilt Edge of Dock or Mini Dock could well be the answer – all of which are operated manually. These solutions are the most cost-effective way of safely bridging the gap for those smaller, occasional, lighter jobs such as loading and unloading with a pallet truck, sack trucks and roll cages.

Benefits of installation of a Dock Solutions Dock Leveller or Goods Lift

  • Competitively Priced – We Won’t be Beaten on Price For Like For Like Products
  • Bespoke Manufacture – Made to Fit Your Existing Pit
  • Fast Track - DS Prime - Design & Built within 4 weeks
  • We offer full Dock Leveller Service for this model
  • We hold standard sizes in Stock
  • All Our Hinge Lip Dock Levellers Are Designed & Built To EN 1398 specifications
  • Professional installation & Repair
  • Flexible Options Include: Pit Mounted, Suspended, Cast In or Freestanding – All designed specifically for Your Project


For more detail on our UK made, Dock Levellers, please download our technical specification PDF.  Should you have any questions please use our “Get Us to Call You” or “Request A Quote” button.

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