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Our UK Manufacturing and Bespoke Designs direct from our UK factory ensure that you receive the correct solution with the right budget no matter how large or small a project. Read More

Our UK Manufacturing and Bespoke Designs direct from our UK factory ensure that you receive the correct solution with the right budget no matter how large or small a project.

The widest range of loading bay equipment is available to you from Dock Solutions.  Being the UK manufacturer we are able to offer a product designed and delivered to your exact operational requirements.

We stock a wide range of loading dock bumpers. For the best prices for large quantity orders, please call us. More

The DSTR Aluminium Manual Sliding Bridge Plate by Dock solutions are designed for big-wheeled vehicles. This model of bridge plate has a simple hook sliding system. More

The D3250 Automatic Rising Arm Barrier, is our most popular barrier, primarily due to its smart appearance and ease of set up. More

This pair of cast in, wheel alignment guides can be supplied in galvanised or yellow painted finish. More

This Sliding Nylon Cradle Loading Bay Bumpers 750x260x160 has a large smooth impact area which reduces the risk of HGVs trailers snagging on the bumpers. More

Our Dock Bumper fixings kits are specifically designed to include all you will need to finish your installation quickly and professionally. More

The Dock Solutions Double Horizontal Goods Scissor Lift is the answer for large capacity lifting and heavy capacity lifting. More

Dock Solutions Double Vertical Goods Scissor Lifts are the answer for large capacity lifting to a greater elevation. More

Dock Solutions can create extra space in your warehouse by Installing Loading Houses. More

Dock Solutions supply and install a gas-powered fixed manual bridge plate (DSCR-GAS). More

This pair of Dock Solutions flared bolt-down Lorry wheel guides can be supplied in galvanised and powder-coated finish or in a standard yellow painted finish. More

Our 20w LED Flexible Loading Bay Dock Light is perfect for illuminating your loading bay and under trailers. More

Our galvanised steel face dock bumpers are designed to cover 2 of our Rubber dock bumpers. The 450x250x100  and the 750x250x100. More

Dock Solutions supply and install High-Speed Industrial Doors, also known as “fast actions doors”. More

At Dock Solutions, we manufacture warehouse dock pads (DS1001), which are ultra-tough and great value for money. More

Dock Solutions manufacture warehouse dock seals.   Our DS1000 model is a durable and cost-effective seal. More

The DSCR Bridge Plates are supplied and installed by Dock Solutions. This manual bridge plate is constructed from extruded Aluminum, making it rust-free and light to use. More

Steel personnel doors are extremely versatile and can be fitted internally or externally and combine as a security door or an emergency escape door. More

Both Styles of our industrial PVC Strip Curtains are made using the highest quality ‘European-grade’ PVC.   Ensuring that every curtain supplied possesses outstanding transparent qualities. More

Whether you are looking for Dock Bumpers in Rubber, TPX or UHMWPE, Dock Solutions have an answer to your needs. More

Dock Solutions DS4000 inflatable dock seal is the solution for a tight seal between the lorry trailer and the warehouse or factory. More

The Dock Solutions DS5000 Inflatable loading dock seals, will keep your factory or warehouse working at peak performance. More

Here at Dock Solutions we supply and install Insulated sectional overhead doors. Our overhead sectional doors meet the most stringent British guidelines in safety and durability. More

Dock Solutions large Goods Scissor Lifts are the answer to loading and unloading of double-decked Vehicles. More

We have a stock of standard loading bay control panels for swing lip and telescopic dock levellers that will fit most machines. More

Nylon Loading Bay Cradle Bumpers 450x260x160 use a large nylon faceplate which allows the bumper to rise and fall, as the weight of the HGV trailer changes. More

Dock solutions Sliding Nylon Loading Bay Cradle Bumpers 750x260x110, comes in safety yellow with a large impact area. More

The Dock Solutions 750x250x50 loading bay dock bumper packers. More

When space is an issue, the edge of dock levellers can be installed on the existing front surface of the loading bay. More

Dock Solutions supply and install a DCP Range - Portable Dock Plates (Also known as Mobile Dock Plates). More

Our Loading Bay Traffic Lights (TLWEB45) have all the features you require for safer working on your loading bay.   At 2. More

HGV Low Profile Wheel Guides are essential for the alignment of trailers.   They enable drivers to quickly and squarely align their trailers with the loading bay. More

Dock Solutions Manual Sliding Bridge plates (DSGAS) are larger bridge plates, which are supported by gas-powered struts. More

Our D1500 Manual Swing Arm Barriers are the ideal choice to protect unattended or low traffic sites, with minimal investment. More

Dock solutions are a market leader in the manufacture of mezzanine lifts.   These lifts are a sensible solution to moving cargo quickly and efficiently around the warehouse. More

The Mini Dock Leveller (MDL) is Dock Solutions' answer when space and budget are restricted. More

The Dock Solutions mobile scissor lifts are perfect for operating in more confined spaces, giving you ease and flexibility when moving heavy objects within a warehouse or factory environment. More

The Nylon Dock Bumper Front Plate is easily seen by drivers due to its bright yellow colour. More

Dock Solutions Nylon Dock Bumpers 450x250x115, with its low friction 40mm front plate, made from ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene (UHMWPE) is the perfect dock bumper if you are looking for longevity. More

This Nylon Dock Bumpers 750x250x115, has a low friction 40mm front plate made from ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene (UHMWPE). More

Dock solutions Loading bay cradle bumpers, 450mm by 260mm by 110mm have a large impact area. More

Our retractable dock shelter (DS3000) is essential for any warehouse or factory, it is sometimes known as the collapsible shelter. More

Our rigid dock shelters, the DS2000 are our standard dock shelter.   They offer a good seal with most types of vehicle trailers and are extremely cost-effective. More

Roller Shutter Industrial Doors are the ideal choice for protecting your warehouse entrance. More

Our “L” shaped rubber dock bumper 450x450x100 has the unique feature of providing more protection along the edge of the loading bay. More

This rectangle shaped rubber dock bumper 600x250x100, meets the demands of any busy loading bay,  by offering greater versatility. More

Our bevelled edged Rubber dock bumpers 330x250x100 are the low cost solution for protecting  your docking bay. More

Popular standard rubber dock bumpers, designed to protect a loading dock from reversing HGV's. More

The low cost D-shaped rubber extrusions for loading bays, is the perfect solution to continuously protect loading bays from damage. More

Our extended rubber loading bay bumpers, with their 150mm of projection, are designed to better protect a loading dock, due to its greater gap. More

Dock Solutions rubber loading dock bumper, 750x250x100 has a much larger impact area. More

The Dock Solutions static scissor table lifts also known as a hydraulic lifting table, can lift loads from 400KG to 10,000kg.   With the maximum height reaching 4700mm. More

The sprint sectional overhead door by Dock Solutions has an opening speed of 1000mm per second. More

Stacking Sectional Overhead doors, also unknown as the cube compact doors. They are perfect for situations where there is little or no space for a track system. More

The Dock Solutions loading bay backplate, 460mm by 255mm by 10mm is incredibly simple to mount on the exterior of the loading bay. Just 4 bolts are required. More

HGV Wheel Guides are essential for the alignment of trailers.   They enable drivers to quickly and squarely align their trailers with the loading bay. More

Dock solutions DSES manual sliding dock plates (also known as a manual sliding bridge plate) is made to accommodate small-wheeled loading. More

Dock Solutions Telescopic Dock Leveller, provides you with the perfect solution to quickly load and unload cargo. More

Our transparent overhead sectional doors allow the maximum amount of light into the building.   These doors are also known as “Glazed Overhead sectional Doors” and “Panoramic overhead doors”. More

Our UK Manufactured Hinge Lip Dock Levellers are a cost-effective solution to your loading operation. Saving you time and money in loading and unloading. More

The Dock Solutions Bay Lifts are perfect for moving crates, pallets, roll cages, sack barrows, and many other loads between different levels, within a warehouse. More

Mezzanine Loading Platforms (also known as Modular Loading Docks) are the solution when your warehouse floor is lower than your loading bay entrance. More

Mezzanine pallet gates provide warehouse protection for employees from falls from heights while loading and unloading pallets from multi-tier mezzanine floors. More

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