Dock Solutions continue to solve UK distribution requirements with cost effective Load Houses

In the current climate we have found that our load house (also known as load pod) solutions are proving popular as they suit a variety of loading bay applications. 

The Dock Solutions load house is a separate fully operational loading bay which is mounted externally to the warehouse structure, giving extra space and ensuring that valuable internal operational space remains fully utilised. 

Get Exactly What You Need!

Dock Solutions offer you a bespoke design service, so that you can ensure that your load house meets your exact project requirements which in turn will fully suit your operational needs; whether that be double-decked, squared or angled.


Advantages of installing a Dock Solutions Load House:

  • Space saving/making – being outside the main building the load house does not take up any valuable internal operational and storage space that built in dock levellers will, giving you that all important extra space
  • Easy add-on to an existing building
  • Quick and easy installation, no major civil work required
  • Energy efficient – load houses will not require heating or chilling to the same temperature as the main warehouse, as the load house remains sealed by the existing access door, meaning heat and chill loss is kept to a minimum
  • Relocatable/movable – Dock Solutions load houses can be dismantled and relocated if required meaning your investment can go with you should you move premises
  • Protection against vehicle damage to the building – which can prove to be extremely expensive to repair upon the end of your lease! 

As you can see with the below images, that’s exactly what our clients project needed – an external load house giving that all important extra space:


Dock Solutions Load House           


This project included:

  • Insulated double load house
  • Telescopic lip dock levellers with cat-flaps
  • Sectional doors
  • Inflatable down to ground dock shelters
  • Traffic light units
  • Loading bay lights
  • Bolt-down wheel guides
  • Rubber dock bumpers
  • Composite control panels

"Get exactly what you need"