Exporting Dock Levellers

How to export Dock Levellers to Europe?

Easy, Buy them from Dock Solutions!  We take over the moment we receive your order to the final signature on arrival at the destination.

We have recently manufactured and exported to such places as Bangkok, Abu Dhabi and across all across Europe.

This doesn’t mean we can’t offer the same excellent service to our UK customers.  As a dedicated UK manufacturer of loading bay equipment, we offer competitive prices on all our manufactured products from dock levellers, dock shelters, load houses,  wheel guides and many other loading bay products.  See images below of the recent export of 4 new Dock Levellers to Thailand.

Testing a dock leveller

The images show 4 manufactured dock levellers being shipped to Bangkok, Thailand.

Exporting dock levellers

The products are crated to protect while being exported.

The crates are purpose built to fit and protect individual dock levellers in shipping.

Exporting dock levellersdock levellers loading to Bangkok

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