UKs leading healthcare provider appoints Dock Solutions

Our client who is one of the UK’s leading providers of international healthcare products in the UK appointed Dock Solutions as their contractor for their loading bay works to create 2 new loading areas at their site in Sheffield.

The bays our client needed to create, both had different requirements; bay 1 is specifically to be used for the loading and unloading of HGVs, where as bay 2 is to be used by vans and smaller vehicles which meant 2 different solutions would be needed. 

Following a site survey with one of our experienced project managers it was decided that the following equipment was to be installed:

Bay 1 – scissor lift with bespoke manufactured walkway to ensure safe access, insulated roller shutter door, buffer posts and sockets, a retractable down to the ground dock shelter and wheel guides.

Bay 2 – high speed insulated roller shutter door with 2 different opening heights  and inflatable to the ground dock shelter, both of which will cater for the different vehicle sizes using this bay along with buffer posts and sockets and a traffic light system.

Initially before the site survey was carried out our customer was looking for 2 scissor lifts however due to costings and the use of the 2nd bay it was decided that the option noted above would be the best solution to their needs. 

A few images below show the progression of the project, from manufacture through to installation.

      Dock Solutions Scissor Lift Dock Solutions Scissor Lift  


Dock Solutions scissor lifts can be customised to suit individual customer needs, with our team of experts on hand to discuss your project requirements – contact us now!

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