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For any warehouse with frequent loading and unloading, a Dock Shelter or Seal is paramount, it is important that the appropriate choice to suit your requirements is made.

There are many reasons why Dock Shelters and Seals are installed on warehouses and distribution centres worldwide:

  • Protect staff from the outside elements – they create a much safer working environment
  • Protect goods from weather related damage
  • Protect your warehouse from dust, rodents, bugs etc
  • Save you money – they seal the gaps between the vehicle trailer which can cost you hundreds of pounds each year! 

What type do I need?

Even though both Dock Shelters and Seals offer all round protection, there is a difference between the two, Dock Shelters are what they say, shelters, which seal around the outside of the trailer, where as Seals are foam cushioned pads which the trailer compresses into.  What suits one warehouse and their operation wont necessarily suit another, to ensure you are choosing the correct Dock Solutions Dock Shelter or Seal to suit your specific requirements our team of experts are on hand to advise and help you in your decision.

Our Dock Shelters and Seals come in a variety of sizes and models including bespoke design and manufacture, so there will always be a solution to suit your needs:

Rigid (DS2000)

Provides good all-round protection from the outside elements, where full unobstructed access to the rear of the vehicle is important.  A good shelter option for a wide range of vehicles. 

Retractable (DS3000)

The most commonly used system in today’s warehousing, offering a relatively high sealing solution to a wide range of different sized vehicles.  Manufactured with a galvanised steel box section with cantilevered arms bolted to the back and front side beams, these are pivoted at each end to allow the shelter to retract against the building should contact be made by the vehicle. 

Inflatable (DS4000/DS5000)

The most effective and versatile sealing system, it offers the ultimate sealing of the vital gap between the building and vehicle, with inflatable airbags both at the top and the sides of the shelter.  They are the number one choice for cold/freezer storage warehouses, or those which work with a variety of vehicle heights.

 Dock Seal (DS1000/DS1001)

This basic yet efficient sealing system supplies you with the most cost-effective alternative to other types of sealing systems.  They are typically foam pads that the vehicle compresses into when it docks at the loading bay,sealing 3 sides of the trailer – they are best used when the same sized vehicle is being used on the bays. 

All of our Dock Solutions Dock Shelters and Seals are UK manufactured with durable, hard wearing, waterproof, wind proof, anti-tear material, which ensures your business can benefit from the immediate important energy savings and advantages that installing a Dock Solutions Dock Shelter or Seal can bring. 

Our team of experts can advise you on your best Dock Shelter or Seal solution specific to your requirements, contact us.

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