Why Replace a Dock Leveller

Why replace your Dock Leveller?

There are several reasons for replacing a Dock Leveller.  Dock Solutions can offer advice and guidance on any concerns you may have on replacing a Dock Leveller or updating your loading bay.  We can offer a solution on all aspects of your loading bay refurbishment.

Gloucestershire based loading bay company Dock solutions showing 2 completed bays with 2 newly installed dock levellers

 5 Reasons to replace your dock leveller

5. It no longer suits your loading requirements – We offer bay lifts which allow for ground floor loading.

4. It’s a manual dock leveller – Although cost effective and suitable on some bays, a dock leveller operated by an electrical control panel is more efficient on busier loading bays.

3. It’s broken! – Obvious one really..

2. Updating your loading bay – Changing business needs and keeping your loading bay up to date will enable you to cope with the diversity of requirements placed on a modern loading bay.

1. Safety – Top reason for replacing any piece of loading bay equipment.

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The below image show the old Dock Leveller removed and set to one side and the new dock leveller positioned in the pit ready for fixing in.  Dock levellers like any other piece of equipment need to be regularly serviced and maintained to keep them operational.  Dock Solutions offer full service and repair for all loading bay equipment.

Gloucestershire based loading bay company Dock solutions showing  removal of existing dock leveller

Gloucestershire based loading bay company Dock solutions showing new Dock leveller lowered into position

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