Why Using A Fast Action Door In Your Factory Or Warehouse Has Many Advantages

A fast action door is a self repairing rapid roll door which means that it is perfect for high traffic areas, opening and closing quickly, giving you smooth traffic management. The door is low maintenance and cost effective, the curtain re-seals if hit by traffic, which dispenses with the costly call out of engineers and keeps your operation active.

Below, we take a look at the advantages of using fast action doors in your workplace.

Self Repairing – These doors are perfect for the odd accident that might occur during the running of a busy factory, because they will simply repair if they get knocked into or hit by a forklift or other small vehicle. This means that you do not have to spend hundreds on getting an engineer out to fix a broken door or even have to spend money on replacing them if things do go wrong.

Range Of Sizes – The doors are usually available in a range of sizes, meaning that no matter how big you need them to be, a good manufacturer of fast action doors will be able to match your needs and produce something that fits perfectly.

Suitable For Cold Storage – The doors are suitable for use in cold storage environments and they can be specifically designed so that they can be fully jet washed and there are no areas for build up of contaminants, which ticks some of the boxes for health and safety when it comes to food storage and other environmental health controls.

Look And Feel – Fast Action doors are usually available to be customised to your individual requirements including window configurations and shapes along with your personal logos that can be imprinted on the doors. This means that your doors can be fully branded up and made to feel a part of your factory, which is important when trying to set that all important first impression for potential clients.

Adjustable Speed For Access – The speeds on these doors are adjustable, meaning that you can set the speed of the door coming up and going down, depending on the size of vehicle that you plan to use through the doors.

Ideal For Busy Warehouses – One of the biggest reasons that Fast Action doors are more suitable than any other is because they are ideal for a busy warehouse or factory, meaning that forklifts and other small vehicles can easily enter and leave rooms without the worry of doors needing to be opened all of the time.

Low Maintenance – Because the doors are self repairing, durable and hard wearing, their maintenance levels are very low, which helps to make sure that your factory or warehouse avoids constant disruption and that you do not have to pay the costly repair charges frequently. It is still vital that you get your doors serviced on regular occasions, but in terms of ongoing maintenance, the costs should be quite low.

Easy To Install – Although you should be employing a specialist company to come in and install your fast action door, they are simple to install and should be able to be fitted without any issues at all. This is a major advantage because the last thing you need is for your factory to have to close just because you need some doors installed.


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